Medical ID’s are simple, affordable items that can save a life, but that doesn’t mean that children always want to wear them. Fortunately, medical alert jewelry has come a long way in terms of style over the last few years, and there are now many fun, colorful styles for kids to choose from. But what if your child still doesn’t want to wear their medical alert bracelet? Whether you child has a chronic medical condition, severe allergies, or medication, It’s up to you as the parent to inspire your child to wear their medical ID so that it’s available when the time comes.

One way you can do this is through leading by example. That is, if you also have a medical ID, wear it all the time. Let your child see you wearing your medical identification often and let them know that you don’t mind having to wear it. If you don’t wear a medical ID, there are other ways to inspire your child to wear their medical alert jewelry. A lot of companies (including Sticky Jewelry) offer non-medical versions of their medical ID jewelry. That way, you can motivate your child by wearing the same bracelet as them. Another option is to simply let the child pick out the medical ID they want. If they are able to pick out a fun medical alert bracelet or necklace that they like it’s more likely that they’ll want to wear it.


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Identification Bracelets
Standard children’s ID bracelets are typically engraved with a parent’s phone number, and other important contact information e.g. another family member’s name and phone number. Children’s ID bracelets can be invaluable at large venues, such as a theme park or stadium. In addition to our own

The Benefits of Kids’ Safety Bracelets
We all know of a child who has wandered away at the park or gotten separated from the group at a museum or amusement park. It only takes a second, and it’s terrifying for both parent and child. When a first responder or a good samaritan tries to help a lost child, the child may be in a real panic and have a very hard time recalling his or her parents’ phone number(s). Plus, s/he may be afraid to speak to a stranger.

Kids’ safety bracelets, child ID bracelets, or ICE IDs serve much the same purpose that an ICE ID or a Driver’s License serves for an adult: It’s a form of identification. In the instance of a lost child, the kids’ safety bracelet therefore serves to identify your child and help your family be reunited more quickly.

Kids’ Safety Bracelets
Should My Child Be Wearing a Medical ID Safety Bracelet?
In a word, yes. Kids do not carry identification like adults do, yet kids get lost. They get in accidents. Things happen. Having ICE information on a kid’s safety bracelet or having accurate diagnosis and treatment information on a kids’ medical ID bracelet is essential in enabling your child to receive the help s/he needs (while keeping you informed) during a potentially scary moment.

Not sure if your child needs an ICE ID or a medical alert? Consider whether your child has:

Food or drug allergies
Stinging insect allergies
Type 1 diabetes
A hearing or vision impairment
Special needs
There are dozens of medical conditions and treatment considerations for which a child needs to wear a kids’ med alert. If your child doesn’t have any of these concerns, an ICE ID is more appropriate.