Remodelling a home can be an exciting but also stressful experience. During this time home-owners will be opening their home to different crewman from electricians to plumbers to even city inspectors depending on the type and size of renovation.

When renovating a home it’s so much easier when stuff is out of the way. Plus home-owners don’t have to worry about their possessions getting broken or covered in dust or paint, as this is very common during a renovation process.

Renting a storage units Philadelphia is one of the most convenient solutions for home-owners going through a remodel. It will provide the home-owner with more space around the house not to mention the piece of mind, of knowing that their furniture and items will be safely stored.

If you are planning a home or business remodel, stop by storage units Philadelphia and the staff will be happy to assist you.

When you do move your items into storage, don’t throw everything haphazardly into your unit, because you will probably want to access your items while they are in storage. By utilizing proper storage techniques you will have easier access to your items throughout the renovation and a smoother transition when bringing your items back into your home. You’ll also want to specially pack some of your items to prevent damage:

Closets and cabinets: Take all of your belongings out of closets and cabinets. Then purge anything unnecessary before neatly storing items in clearly labeled boxes.

Kitchen items: Wrap your glassware and dishes in bubble wrap before storing in appropriate containers. Defrost, clean, and bubble wrap appliances before storing in climate-controlled storage.

Bedrooms: Beds should be disassembled with mattresses being covered before storing, headboards protected by cardboard or bubble wrap, and wall hangings protected by cardboard and stored upright.

Electronics: TVs and other expensive electronics should be wrapped in bubble wrap, with cardboard guarding the screens, in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Home improvement projects of any size are very exciting…and stressful! From small remodelling projects to large renovations, your life will certainly be disrupted. Rather than keeping all your items in your home, make your life easier by renting a storage unit.

Protect your belongings from dust and debris: Almost any type of home improvement project creates construction dust. This dust will coat the valuable furniture, fabrics, and electronics throughout your home, even with the most conscientious crew.

Protect your belongings from breakage: Accidents like broken lamps and dripped paint can happen, especially within a renovation zone. By clearing crowded rooms you can reduce the risk of damaged belongings and save yourself money in replacement costs.

Reduce clutter in your home: If you move your belongings from the renovation area into other areas of your home, it will quickly become cluttered and messy.

Free up space for storing your materials: By moving your belonging into storage, you will free up space in your home for storing the materials and equipment necessary for your renovations.

Be prepared for the unexpected: Plans change and projects that were originally only going to take one month can quickly turn into several months. You can rent a storage unit on a monthly basis, so no matter how much the renovation time frame fluctuates, your belongings will remain safe and secure.

Give yourself peace of mind: By safely storing your belongings during your renovation project you can focus on the project and your daily life, not moving around and protecting your belongings.

If you plan to fix-up your home in the near future, your furniture and other prized possessions may be affected. If you have a full kitchen remodel or room expansion or addition in mind, you’ll find it’s more convenient to move appliances, tables, and extra clothing into a self-storage unit rather than stuff belongings into a garage or divide boxes among your untouched rooms. You may be tempted to keep everything at home to save money, but consider these points:

Room to breathe. If you’re staying at home during the remodel, it will temporarily limit your usable space. Over time, your family won’t appreciate moving around boxes or shifting items crowding one room to get to the things they need. While you haven’t purchased more furniture or objects, your home will feel congested during renovations if you don’t remove what you don’t need at the moment.

Plans change. You may plan to turn around a home remodel in one to two months, but sometimes events get in the way. A room may need more work, you have to get a certain kind of permit. If one month turns to three or more, having your extra property in self-storage alleviates the headache of living in a crowded house for a longer time than anticipated.

Something can break. Accidents happen. You might bump into a table crowded in a room and topple a lamp or a precious object, or maybe paint splatters on your sofa because the drop cloth wasn’t properly affixed. Why risk damaging your belongings by keeping them in a renovation zone? It will only cost you more money to replace what you lose.

Storage units Philadelphia provides home-owners with the right solution for safekeeping during renovation projects. Don’t sacrifice your home space when it becomes a premium – keep your belongings safe and your mind and usable rooms clear.