Getting a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your local Regional Transport Office is very important if you are moving out permanently and bringing your vehicles along to a new state. There are many people who actually overlook this step while shifting from one state to another. In general, if you are moving out for more than a year, you must get a re-registration of your vehicle. However, there’s no need to re-register if you are relocating temporarily for a few months. The key documentation required for the re-registration of the vehicle is a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the former RTO. To put it simply, you cannot drive your vehicle in the new state if you are not transferring the RC, and doing so is a punishable offense.

As per the laws set up by the Government, it is mandatory to re-register the vehicle and for that, obtaining a NOC from the RTO is ideally the first step of the procedure. A NOC or a No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a legitimate certificate through which the previous RTO grants permission to the vehicle owner to re-register the vehicle in a new RTO. NOC acts as proof that there are no liable dues or challans on the vehicle.

There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to obtain a NOC. Firstly, you need to visit the RTO and submit an application form for the NOC. A CMV 38 form has to be submitted with the rest of the applicable documents to the RTO. The vehicle owner should go in person to the local RTO for submitting an application to get NOC. There’s an application fee as well that should be submitted with the application form. The application fee can vary from one RTO to another. Once the application to obtain NOC is submitted, RTO gets a vehicle report from the local police to verify if the vehicle is involved in some crime. After verifying the documents and ensuring that there are no pending dues or charges against the vehicle, a NOC is issued to the vehicle owner by the RTO. For more RTO vehicle registration information, an applicant can search online to go through complete details about the procedure.

The documents required to get a NOC from the local RTO are:

  • Original copy of RC 
  • Insurance Policy document
  • Fitness certificate, applicable only for commercial vehicles
  • PUC (Pollution Under Control) certificate
  • CMV Form 28
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Copy of PAN card

It should be noted that a NOC is valid only for a certain period of time. Usually, the validity of a No objection certificate is 6 months after which it is of no use. Hence, a person should complete all the formalities associated with the re-registration of vehicles within these six months. All the details regarding the RTOs are available online to make the entire procedure convenient for the applicants. For example, a person who wants to apply for NOC in Maharashtra can look for RTO Office details in Maharashtra online before planning a visit to get all the information.