Metatrader 4 is the most common foreign exchange trading platform in operation today. Despite the similar name, Metatrader 5 has not achieved the same traction in the Forex retail group as its predecessor, MT4

In this MT4 guide, we’ll go through the installation phase step-by-step. After this guide, you would clearly understand the installation process and free software to use. 

Metatrader 4 can be downloaded from one of two separate Internet pages. You can download the MetaQuotes Trader 4 trading platform directly from its dedicated website ( Or you can read the paper from your investment advisor’s page, given that it is accessible there. 

The advice is to import it from the broker’s website. To ensure that it is configured appropriately, it is essential to start trading immediately. 

However, you would need to install the project management platform directly from MetaQuotes. The procedure for buying the stock would remain precisely the same. 

Step 1: Download and install the application

Download the application on If you navigate to the page above, you can see the same screen. (Easy to type) 

The first thing you can do is press the “FREE DOWNLOAD” tab. If you click this button, a MT4 setup window will appear, as seen in the below image. Check the box and press “Next” to consent to the license. 

This next window would allow you to evaluate installation options, including a keyboard shortcut. 

When you are using a particular operating system, you can get a different dialog box. E.g., the cell’s navigation system leads you straight to the “enrollment progress” screen. 

After pressing the “Finish” icon, the test will be opened with the default settings. When launched, you will get the following prompt. 

Step 2: Pick a broker

Pick your favorite broker or join your preferred campaign strategy. It will bind your MT4 network to the institutional feed of your broker. 

After clicking “Next,” you can alternate between building a new demo account or signing in to a current demo account. 

Scroll down to the “New demo account” segment and pick the prompt. 

Step 3: Insert Personal Information

The next screen would demand that you fill in many areas. You may need to have your name, address, phone number, email address, and account form for your account. 

I still encourage traders to pick a deposit number they can use to trade in a live account. But if you plan to trade with a $50,000 demo account potentially, don’t start with $1,000 in real money. It will sound enjoyable to exchange for such a considerable sum of capital, but it would not be a useful simulation of a real trading world, which is the aim behind demo trading.