Malta has one of the hottest and most on-the-rise economies in the world right now. Because of how many businesses there are and how scenic Malta is, it has become a highly desirable destination for people of all walks of life. Unfortunately, this has also meant that rent prices have increased drastically. If you have looked at apartments for sale in Malta lately, you know what we’re talking about.

Prices are on the rise and it can be hard to find somewhere affordable to live. However, if you are looking for the right things and you know what price range you want to be at, you can find some great apartments for rent in Malta that fit your needs.

What to Look for in an Apartment in Malta

When you are looking to buy or rent an apartment in Malta, there are some considerations to keep in mind to ensure that you get a place that works for your or you and your family. Follow along as we examine those factors.


We all know that monthly rents are at an all-time high in Malta. You should be making sure that you find a flat that you can afford to rent. There are some more affordable options in Malta, but you should be prepared to not be living in the most luxurious flat out there. However, when you are in Malta, you can take a few steps to the beach and be in paradise. For some, the luxury of the apartment doesn’t matter as much as the experience of being in Malta.


Location is going to be a huge factor, especially if you are an expat that doesn’t know their way around quite yet. You’re going to want to pick a spot that has access to all of the things that are important to you. This could be hospitals, schools, night clubs, grocery stores, beaches, or anything else.

Make sure that you really sit down and consider this because it’s going to have a heavy effect on your quality of life while you are living in Malta.

Type of Rental

This is another factor that’s going to greatly affect your experience living in Malta. Make sure that you pick a type of rental that works for your lifestyle. You could be renting a house, duplex, studio apartment, or a large apartment in a huge building. The cheapest is generally going to be a studio apartment and the most expensive will likely be a house. If price is not a factor, make sure that you choose the option that’s going to give you the best quality of life possible.


Malta is one of the hottest places to be right now in the world. As a result, there is a giant influx of people looking for temporary housing such as flats and apartments. There are not many bad areas in Malta to buy an apartment, but you should still keep an eye out for key features as we discussed earlier. As long as you keep those things in mind and do your due diligence on whichever flat or apartment you choose to buy or rent, you’re going to have a great time living in Malta!