Working in the hospitality industry as a server can be exciting. One must be polite with customers and have an intuitive understanding of what they may like or not. How someone presents a menu or suggests an item, including food or drink, impacts guests significantly. Servers share a tremendous responsibility of making the guests feel comfortable when they visit their place for dining. For freshers, it can be challenging to get all the nitty-gritty of their role at once. That’s why proper training and guidance play a critical role in grooming them. 

According to Adam Seger, practice and diligence come in handy while serving food and drinks at the restaurant, cafe, or bar. Whether someone is new or has been there for some time, a few basic serving tricks never change.

Adam Seger: Improving skills as a server

Remember the menu options

Most customers want to know the specialty of a restaurant they visit. Hence, it is essential to remember the menu options well. A server should be able to answer this basic query without any hesitation. But this requires knowing the restaurant’s specials/ signature dishes, preparations, ingredients, and side options inside-out. Some people may want to try vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes. Then, some guests can be wine lovers. Having proper knowledge of all the available options and properly presenting them to the customers with confidence are the primary responsibilities of a server.

Know the customers

The main difference between the two servers is how they approach and treat their customers, especially the regular ones. Some people who frequent a place like to order the same items. A server must be aware of their choices and inquire whether they want to go with the regular options. These small gestures make them feel special. Some customers enjoy interacting with their servers a bit. Asking them about their day or something in a polite and warm tone can easily take care of this part. When a family with kids drops by for dinner, paying attention to the children and their happiness can be rewarding. 

Hone communication skills

There is no doubt that being smooth-spoken can be a gift for a server. How one speaks and interacts with guests can be the ultimate as it helps set the restaurant or hotel service standards. Of course, one doesn’t need to hold full-blown conversations with customers. But finding the way through words to make them feel comfortable is critical.  Make sure to approach guests with positive energy and a smile because sometimes these small things can achieve more than one’s expectations. Also, don’t forget to ask for their feedback.

Adam Seger says that customers tend to enjoy their meals and drinks more when they are comfortable. Servers can play a crucial role in this. Since it is all about presentation, one needs to master their serving and communication style. However, such panache doesn’t happen overnight. It is a work in progress kind of thing. So, it will be best to focus on skill improvement from the beginning.