The Healthcare sector is one the largest sectors in terms of employment and revenue. It is a social service and an exemplary career option for instilling discipline and kindness among individuals.

Must-Have Personality Traitsto Practice as a Healthcare Professional by Yasith Weerasuriya:

Yasith Weerasuriya, Member of Board of Directors at Celiac Disease Foundation and President of Stanbridge University, USA, shares, must have personality traitsto practice as a healthcare professional. These ten exceptional traits are as follows:

  • Effective Communication Skills: 

Good communication is a skill that every individual must have, but healthcare demands excellent communication skills to the core as it’s a matter of life and death here. There is no space for miscommunication in healthcare. A healthcare personal must be an active listener and a great spokesperson. 

  • Emotional Stability: 

If an individual chooses to be a healthcare professional, one must have a proper balance of his emotions. It not only helps one deal with stressful situations but also helps in problem-solving during adverse and unpredictable situations. Personal stress should be kept away from the professional workspace in healthcare as our reaction to a situation is the analysis of a patient’s condition to his loved ones.

  • Empathy: 

Befitting into the patient’s state of mind is essential in health care as it helps in rebuilding trust in the patient. Empathy works as an array of hopein difficult times,which in turn reducesthe patient’s clinical stress, anxiety and helps in improving the overall health of the patient.

  • Flexibility: 

Healthcare demands commitment towards work and has unpredictability. One never knows when there is an emergency waiting at the door. It may require you to work on holidays, festivals, etc. So you should be prepared for giving up on your interest in your professional availability.

  • Attention To Detail: 

A healthcare worker cannot afford to miss any single detail of the patient. Every minute detail matters and can cause a great difference.

  • Interpersonal Skills: 

Other than professional knowledge, healthcare demands interpersonal skills to keep up with all kinds of people. You never know whom you cross paths with.

  • Physical Fitness: 

Patients’ health is a priority, but a healthcare worker himself must be physically fit to sustain long hours of clinical practice.

  • Problem Solving: 

Since every day is a different day in the healthcare sector, it comes with different challenges. As a healthcare worker, an individual should be able to think flexibly, keeping in mind all the possible options and outcomes.

  • Quick Response: 

A person should have quick reflexes to face emergencies, major surgeries, or uncontrolled situations.

  • Passion: 

Passion is something that keeps you going in the long run. With passion, you build relationships beyond professional interests and help people in the hardest times of their lives.


These were the ten exceptional traits shared by Yasith Weerasuriya. As a healthcare professional, discipline and kindness are primary practices.Apart from it, these tentraits make you sustain yourself longer as a healthcare professional.