Due to a lack of information on the internet, many expats are not clear on the benefits and obligations applicable to being a Singapore PR. In order to bridge the gap in knowledge, we have written this article to cover 2 main benefits and 1 obligation. We encourage you to take note of these and consult an apply Singapore PR firm to get more information.

No Visa Restrictions

Any expat can empathize with the inconvenience filled nature of handling their job passes and flight plans. For example, if you are in the midst of restoring your job permit but need to leave Singapore for any reason, you run the risk of coming back without the authorization to work.

Additionally, each time you approach the expiry of your work pass, you will require the aid of your company to aid renew it. On the occasion that you have recently left your firm and have yet to obtain new employment, then you would certainly be counting on your previous employer. Should you be unable to get their assistance on the matter, you may be forced to leave Singapore for the time being.

On the other hand, a permanent resident is qualified to an unlimited stay in Singapore. You can anticipate to be able to return to the country and leave without ever running into job permit problems.

Housing Acquisition Options

HDB apartments are synonymous with Singapore, being the sort of homes which most of locals live in. As a non-citizen, you will not be permitted to purchase a HDB flat because it is under public housing.

Nonetheless, as a Singapore PR, you will be able to buy a resale HDB apartment from an existing homeowner. This is done through the Public Scheme or Non-Citizen Spouse scheme, with the only requirement being that you need to have achieved PR status at a minimum of 3 years before the purchase.

Enlistment Act

In Singapore, all male citizens are called for by the government to enlist for National Service within the military, civil defence or police force for a duration of 2 years. Conscription ensures that Singapore, despite being an extremely small nation, has ample defences and support in times of emergency situations. It also serves as a deterrent against international forces who are looking to upset the peace that the country indulges in.

While you may not need to go through National Service, your son (if sponsored by you) will be required to enlist. Throughout the 2 years in National Service, your son will go through rigorous training that is intended to toughen him and prepare him to serve the country when called for. In doing so, he will be part of the bedrock of the country’s defence when called for.