The visual advertising strategy Instagram may be a highly targeted advertising platform for your brand, and it could be used to cultivate a dedicated audience that grows alongside your business.

Over 500 million Instagram users logged on to the app every day, giving it the destination of one of the most engaging audiences on the internet. However, just as with other social media platforms, there are appropriate ways to utilize your Instagram profile, as well as inappropriate and creative ways to use it.

As you read this piece, we’ll teach you how to build a big following on social media that is made up of actual fans, not inactive false followers, and how to improve productivity with that following.

SimplyGram Reviews asks you to have a plan for promoting your brand on Instagram

When using a social network, having a defined strategy is essential

For starters, increasing your Instagram following is a fantastic aim to set says SimplyGram Reviews. However, simply having many followers will not guarantee you a successful Instagram profile. A wider plan that integrates your business strategy with your social promotional strategies must be in place before you can begin to gain followers.

Reflect on why you want to increase your Instagram followers and write them down

Being consistent with your Instagram account can make it difficult to focus on your business-related goals. It will assist you in telling captivating brand stories that will appeal to user’s profile visitors while also helping you to establish (and maintain) a devoted following of your own customers.

Consistent content calendar 

Whenever trying to gain Instagram followers, posting content at unexpected and haphazard times has to be the worst thing you can do. If you are fortunate enough to have users follow you at the outset, you don’t want to lose sight of the fact that they accompanied you in the first place.

Maintain a consistent posting schedule to avoid this. Companies shouldn’t post more than a few times each day in order to minimize spam, so whatever your posting frequency, make sure it’s consistent throughout. As there are around 200 million Instagram users that log on every day, publishing a few times during the day can help you reach a larger audience.

Adhering to a timetable can assist you in providing your followers with a consistent experience and in keeping them informed about your brand’s activities. We have you covered using different scheduling and optimal times features, so you won’t have to worry about remembering to publish at these various points in the day. 

Quality over quantity

Although some sources claim that you should post on Instagram between one and three times each day, you might find that this is not the most effective strategy for you.

While increasing brand awareness is beneficial, your potential followers may perceive your postings as spam and begin to unfollow you if you publish too many times too frequently. Second, if you begin posting multiple times per day and then gradually reduce your frequency, your user engagement rates with your target demographic may suffer a reduction.

To determine which trending and top posts resonated with your audience and the Instagram algorithm, you need to use Instagram analytics. 

SimplyGram Reviews suggest you incorporate these tips if you wish to grow your Instagram account faster without spending any money.