One of the diseases affecting people in the modern world is diabetes. Causes for obesity are genetics, environment, metabolism, Overweight is the problem that leads to obesity, and diabetes. The types of treatment for obesity has been given here like diet change, behavior change, Physical exercise, medicines, medical surgery. The detailed steps for the weight reduction listed here for the students. Short term and long term steps are available for weight management. Therapy, exercise available for treating overweight. Supplement medicine available in the market for the people as online and offline stores.

Change in diet and eating pattern for the patient

People need to take the correct calorie diet in their daily routine. The type of calorie diet taken by the people is low calorie and very low-calorie diet. The eating disorder will make the people obese and weight gain as it need to change. A dietician will suggest a low-calorie diet for the ones who try to reduce the weight. A balanced diet has recommended by the physician during the diet. Green vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, fish, pulses, juices, milk products taken by the people who follow the diet. An additional supplement like Cetilistat has been added to the diet with a prescription from doctors.

Exercise and Physical activity needed to reduce weight

The overweight problem arises due to the inactivity of the adult or children. Over time, regular inactivity will lead to obesity and diabetes. Lifestyle disorders will make people very weak. To prevent the disorder, people must do physical activities in a daily manner. Exercise is the main thing recommended for people to make them fit and healthy. People with more weight can play games, try running, cycling and other activities. Yoga, breathing techniques, and other training programs available for the patients. Regular exercise will reduce body fat around the body and make the body fit.

Medicines available for the treatment of obesity

The medicines for weight loss, obesity, and diabetes have been prescribed by the doctor. Dosage given by the doctor and provide to the patients. Supplementary medicine like Orlistat powdercan be intake by the people as a supplement. After taking the weight loss supplements, the weight has been reduced. Weight management is crucial for the treatment of obesity. The treatment procedure may vary from one to another. Surgery is available for rare cases where it is needed as the last resort.