Breast cancer is a chronic disease that affects the cells present in the milk-producing ducts in breasts. It occurs when the cells go through sudden changes in their deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). They then begin to grow, replicate, and expand at an abnormal rate. The abnormal cells soon start to accumulate to form a tumor and harm the existing healthy ones. Once the tumor disintegrates, the abnormal cells spread to various other areas of the body. There are different signs which indicate the onset of breast cancer. The skin surrounding the breasts becomes dense, turns orange in color, and changes in size. An extra inverted nipple might even start to appear on them.

Paolo Boffetta – Which category of women is more likely to suffer from breast cancer?

Paolo Boffetta is a leading epidemiologist from Italy who is well-known throughout the world. He has been specializing in cancer research for almost 30 years. During this period, he has made important contributions to understanding how various factors influence cancer development. These are the environment, smoking, certain occupations, alcohol consumption, and nutrition. He has held important positions in some of the world’s famous cancer research institutions throughout his career. 

These include the US National Cancer Institute, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Karolinska Institute, and German Cancer Research Center. He is even a member of the editorial board of many prominent scientific journals. He presently holds the post of Vice President at the International Prevention Research Institute in Lyon.

He explains women falling under the following categories are at greater risk of suffering from breast cancer:

  • Those who become overweight after attaining menopause,
  • Women who tend to drink too much alcohol,
  • Those who are generally inactive and lead a sedentary lifestyle,
  • Women who become pregnant after attaining the age of 30 and did not breastfeed their child,
  • Those who have been over consuming oral contraceptives drugs to avoid pregnancy,
  • Women who tend to be chain smokers,
  • Women who eat an unhealthy diet consisting of saturated fats and processed meat,
  • Those women who are under a lot of stress, and
  • Women with a family history of female relatives who have breast cancer.

He further points out the common treatments for breast cancer doctors prescribe for women are:

  • Surgery where they cut out the tumor from the woman’s breasts,
  • Chemotherapy which involves the use of oral drugs to eradicate or shrink cancer cells,
  • Immunotherapy which boosts the immune system to fight the cancerous cells, and 
  • Radiation therapy uses high-power X-rays to destroy the cancer cells.

As put by Paolo Boffetta breast cancer can affect most women who cross the age of 50 years. However, those who are overweight, chain smokers, alcoholic and inactive are at greater risk than others. Even women with a family history of female relatives suffering from this disease are vulnerable. Fortunately, some treatments can cure them of this chronic disease if in an early stage. These are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy. They should first undergo a thorough diagnosis by their local doctor for getting a customized treatment plan for the condition.