Technology never stops developing and in the short space of 40-50 years, we have come a very long way in terms of tech development. The healthcare sector is currently enjoying many technology innovations, with equipment that merges with AI to detect medical conditions, while virtual healthcare is now offered by many medical professionals.

Medical Apparatus

MRI and CT scanners are installed in hospitals around the world and this is the kind of work that calls for medical logistics from Rhenus High Tech, who are a UK leading white glove logistics provider. The operation requires careful planning and the white glove team would take delivery of the equipment quite close to its final destination. Then they would manoeuvre the equipment into position before securing the unit and the final stage is to configure the equipment ready for use.

Virtual Doctor Appointments

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, most GPs are offering their patients virtual consultations and, in most cases, this is adequate for the medical professional to make an accurate diagnosis. Having the ability to consult with your doctor is a virtual manner eliminates the risk of spreading the virus and it is a safe way to obtain a doctor’s medical opinion about any health issues you may have.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is merging with other technologies and super-computers are being taught how to read X-rays, and after 100,000 X-Ray images were fed into the computer, it begins to learn how to make an accurate diagnosis of an X-Ray image. Results from a recent experiment in the US shows that the computer has already surpassed the abilities of the human, accurately diagnosing cancer cases, which the doctor may have missed. Click here for information about the ease in which we can order products online, something that will soon become the new normal.

Brain Surgery

AI is being used in critical brain operations, as the robotic arm can work to very precise measurements, and, of course, there is no human error when a machine carries out complex surgery. We can expect to see more use of robotics within surgical procedures.

Remote Healthcare

Some elderly people do not yet require full-time care and in such cases, the healthcare worker can be remotely connected with the patient, perhaps for 30 minutes at a time. In the event the patient requires care, they can communicate this to their remote caregiver, who can arrange for a home visit.

Mental Health Counselling

Many people are suffering with stress because of the lockdown, they may have lost their job and are finding it difficult to remain upbeat and with virtual counselling, a qualified counsellor can remotely connect with a person and provide assistance. 

Click here for UK government information about mental well-being.

There are also fitness centres and yoga studios that offer virtual classes, so you can keep fit during the lockdown, while you can also hire a personal trainer to work with you in a virtual way, using a VoIP platform such as Zoom.

There are some exciting developments that involve the use of AI and these technologies will change the way we administer healthcare, making the best use of available technology.