The pandemic and nightmare of 2020 are progressing toward a natural end, but 2021 will still see challenges as governments push out vaccines and businesses grapple with the significant losses and struggles of COVID-19. Small businesses will need to cope with the massive fallout, turning to traditional advertising methods, like business thank you cards, and continuing to embrace the new and ever-changing landscape of the digital marketplace. Small enterprises will need to expand their marketing reach and reinvent operations. This guide’s purpose is to explain five ways a small company can still make an impact and improve its bottom line.

  • Increase Digital Marketing Efforts

While many small companies focus on word-of-mouth campaigning and building a loyal client base, the pandemic altered such strategies’ effectiveness. Without embracing the digital era, a business is without its community, and clients are without a compass. Websites, social media profiles, blogs, vlogs, and PPC or organic search engine listings allow people to follow your operation, to know how your coping or changing to the COVID crisis.

If you do not yet have a website; if you don’t have a social media presence; if you are not offering content to help your customers, now is the time to begin. Many of the digital marketing tools you need to reach your customers are low to no cost, meaning that digital marketing is perfect for businesses with a limited budget.

  • Resort To Traditional Methods for Advertising

While digital marketing will help new clients find your business through local searches, traditional marketing can help you maintain and encourage repeat business. Snail mail, as postal mail is lovingly called, is more memorable and meaningful than email or digital advertisements. If that memorability is paired with a personal message or greeting, it has a greater chance of impact.

You can use business thank you cards sent to recent customers to offer appreciation for their purchase, perhaps pairing the note with a coupon or discount for like items. People want to feel like they make a difference, especially in these uncertain times and with limited resources. A small physical thank you can go a long way.

  • Focus On Building a Community

Building on the last, showing and telling clients how much you appreciate their business helps build a community. When you can make a client feel like they are a part of your success and a part of the operation, they will want to support and champion your business. If there is one thing quarantine and crisis has taught the world, it’s that everyone needs a community.

  • Provide Unique and Useful Content

While the conventional form of business is in reciprocal relationships, exchanging goods or services for cash, the world was transitioning to an information economy even before the pandemic, meaning that people were placing more value on the exchange of ideas than products. While money still drives success and ideas motivate opportunity, consumers are becoming loyal to an alternative brand identity, offering loyalty only to those companies providing unique and useful information and content, corporations that try to make their lives better beyond the purchase of a good or service. Small businesses can take a lot away from the changing environment. Still, the primary takeaway is that customers want relationships, and they want companies to pay attention to their needs and interests beyond traditional reciprocity.

  • Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Finally, extending your reach in the current pandemic is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing change. What services can you offer that your potential and existing clients need right now? Can you create care packages or offer delivery? Find something your prospective and repeat customer needs and fill the void.

While the pandemic is coming to an end, the finish line is still not in sight for many businesses. Use the tips in this guide to expand your reach, and try sending a little customer appreciation with business thank you cards.