Ever dreamed of running your own search engine like Google or Yahoo ?

Now You Can!

Our Meta Search Engine Script is 100% automatic with friendly and attractive end user interface.

But it not only looks like Google! It makes money like Google!

Google has one of the most effective business models in the world. Google makes the revenues from Advertisers who place their ads in search results pages. The search traffic is the most targeted and the most demanded and highly paid traffic. It made Google one of the most successful companies in the world.

Now you can use Google’s business model for your own business!



There is no need in expensive servers and crawlers that index the whole internet to run a search engine.  Our meta script is parsing content from many different sources and has several areas to place ads. It is optimized to work with AdSense but you can use any ad network instead.  The best thing is that all pages are presented as static content and can be crawled and indexed by all major search engines resulting in an endless traffic to your new web portal.


 See the Demo!

The script is 100% automatic. You just need to set it once and it will be full of content!  Our Meta Search Engine Script is very easy to install and maintain. You should have your own domain name and a hosting account to install the script.  You can buy both at godaddy.com at a very affordable prices. Almost any Linux based virtual hosting account will be fine. The script has an admin panel to manage all setting and ads. You will  need to register some API keys at the content sources. All APIs are free.

The following content sources are used by the script:

–        Bing API   for Web Search Results

–        Ebay API for Auctions (with integrated affiliate program)

–        Amazon API for Consumer Products (with integrated affiliate program)

–        Youtube API for Videos

–        Yahoo API news

As you can see AdSense is not the only source of income. Our script has Ebay and Amazon affiliate programs build in.  Amazon is paying up to 10% commission for every purchase made by your visitors. Ebay is paying per click!

It will take you no more than 1 hour to install the script, input all APIs and setting and to run your own search engine. Start your online business now!


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